VPN China free

VPN China free

So you’re a free-lunch believer huh?

I don’t mean to scold. but …

Seriously if you’re traveling to China, don’t bother with free VPN services, because they don’t work. How does this dude know? Because he has lived in China for too many years. He has used too many “free” VPNs, most of those services are dead now, a few managed to survive but the purpose of their existence is mostly to steal your private data or hook you into buying something else, NOT providing decent network connection when you needed it badly.

Don’t count on free VPN services.

top 3 VPN services that work in China

Following are your best bet, they cost money. They don’t offer free trials, all have the no-question-asked refund policy in a long-enough period of time.


ExpressVPN is the most reputable VPN service in China, it probably has the most mainland based customers. My own experience, it's probably the fastest VPN in China. I use it in both Shanghai and Shenzhen, speed is usually 300K/s, not bad.



VyprVPN's Chameleon™ protocol is probably your best chance by-passing VPN-blocking - you must have heard about the Great Fire Wall of China. The trade off is that it seems to be slightly slower than ExpressVPN but has better connection stability.




What I like the most about Nord VPN is that they allow customers to opt-out any time they want, though VyprVPN and ExpressVPN allows refunds in 30-45 days, which is longer than most need. Nord VPN still has an edge here. I haven't managed to try it out from mainland China, but I've heard good things about it. Their customer base has been growing rapidly in China since 2017.


Don’t expect to get 100% stable connection, my experience, I have never used a VPN service in China that gave me 100% connection stability. But you can count on any of above services work “most of the time” year round.

can you buy VPN services from China

If you haven’t arrived in China yet, purchase the VPN service before you land.

If you’re already in China, above links should still work. Top VPN services offer shadow domains to make sure customers can purchase from China.

Still, I’d say make the purchase before you go, that’s probably for the best.


Lastly, welcome to China! :))

Now you’re behind the wall, hope you enjoy your life here 😉

and do visit the great wall, the one with lots of steps.



VPN China free
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