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Advertiser qualification

  • service must work in China  and must offer servers in HongKong, Japan, Singapore and US West Coast
  • or service must have servers in China (connect into China)
  • service must accept Alipay or Wechat pay
  • service must allow 3+ simultaneous connections
  • service must offer client app or configuration for Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS / Router
  • advertiser must be able to provide trial access for me to evaluate

Ad. Positions

Currently, offers limited Ad. locations:

  • sidebar, 4 spots in the sidebar area
  • footer, 4 spots in the footer area
  • contextual-in-page, 4 spots in 6 high converting landing pages
  • global-in-page, 2 spots in ALL pages/posts (homepage not included)

please contact admin[at] and let me know your bid (monthly, quarterly or annually) to the spot(s) you’d like to purchase.

Ad. format

  • advertiser must provide the ads to be placed
  • ads can be text, link or photo


在wallmama.com推广你的VPN服务,立刻增加销量,邮件至 admin[at]


  • 服务必须在中国可用(可翻墙到国外),且服务必须提供香港,日本,新加坡和美西节点
  • 或者在中国大陆有服务器(可翻墙到国内)
  • 服务必须接受支付宝或微信支付
  • 服务必须允许同时3个以上连接
  • 服务必须提供Windows、MacOS、Android、iOS、路由器等设备的客户端或配置方法
  • 广告商必须能提供测试账号给我测试



  • 侧边栏,4个广告位
  • 页脚,4个广告位
  • 6个主登录页页面(高转化率)页内广告,4个广告位
  • 所有页面页内广告,2个广告位(不包括主页)



  • 广告商自行提供广告资源
  • 广告可以是文字、链接或图片