Online game gas pedal principle and recommendation

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Why use a (VPN) gas pedal to play games

First of all, some games don’t have domestic servers, only foreign services can play. Some foreign service domestic direct connection speed is slow, packet loss. Some foreign services also limit Chinese IP, mainland IP requires tedious manual authentication, through the game vpn (domestic to avoid saying online game gas pedal) to connect to foreign service overall game experience will be much better.

In the payment segment, a game vpn can also help you bypass platform partition restrictions and buy gaming products that mainland Chinese players wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy, and a game VPN is a must-have if you’re going to download DLC and access XBOX Live and PSN-exclusive content in all countries.

For example, Chinese players can connect to Japanese VPN nodes to break through the blocking and restrictions of Japanese games. Many Japanese games block foreign users, if your IP address is not local, it is likely to be blocked, and can not download software that can only be downloaded by Japanese users. So many fans of Japanese games will connect to a Japanese VPN node to break through the restrictions when they play. After connecting to a Japanese VPN, your IP address is Japanese, so you can enjoy the same treatment as local Japanese players.

Good vpn for gaming

Game vpn of course to provide IP outside the mainland, but not all foreign IP is available, ping value is very important, theoretically the game vpn server room closer to the mainland the better, if the ping value can be controlled to 100 below the most ideal, ping value of more than 200 real-time to play in real-time online netizens will feel the card, ping value of more than 300, this kind of game basically has no playability.

Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan server ping value can be controlled, but it is not perfect, Hong Kong’s bandwidth of some services have restrictions (although the game’s traffic consumption is not particularly impressive, but it is a limitation), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, some of the services, used by a lot of people, the characteristics of the flow of the obvious, the network speed of a particular time is often not ideal, packet loss is more serious.

The United States host ping value than Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea host to be higher, but relatively more stable, and because the United States host IP resource-rich, traffic characteristics are relatively not so meditative, packet loss is relatively good. Host ping value in the western United States are generally within 300, good times can be below 200.

Europe’s host is more difficult to say, some time ago a friend said that London’s node ping value is low, may also want to try, the mainstream vpn service providers are providing global hundreds of nodes, can try.

ExpressVPN are both very good VPNs for gaming, the former’s HK-4 server cluster has always been the first choice for wall flipping, with low latency and very stable; the latter offers alternate nodes for Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other places, perfect for gaming.

The advantage of paid vpn mainly lies in the worldwide while servers, if your main purpose of using game vpn is to connect to multi-country servers and avoid the lockout restriction, paid vpn is the best solution, because the cost of accessing multi-country servers and setting up on your own is a lot more than paid vpn, not only the money invested, but more importantly, the time cost of maintaining multiple servers.

We don’t recommend players build their own gaming vpn, but if you have the technical skills to manage it, give it a try.

Know a little server technology, build vpn is not complicated, recommended Vultr, which is a domestic user of many VPS service providers, support a key to install openVPN server.

OpenVPN is the open source VPN server now available on Vultr Apps! Start your high-performance OpenVPN VPS today and connect to the Internet using any of our 14 global locations.

With a VPN server, you can add a layer of security to your Internet activity and prevent attacks on your home network. Deploying a VPN server has never been easier with Vultr Apps – you can create your own OpenVPN server by selecting “Apps” from the Vultr Control Panel.

(Vultr official website: build openvpn )

vultr vps deploy openvpn

OpenVPN requires a special client. After setting up the server, search for and download a generic vpn client for your current operating system.

The disadvantages of building your own vpn are also very obvious, you can not build your own IP to cover the global service, at most a few IP, most people actually have only one connectable IP, so this method can not be used basically depends on luck, there are players to build a good a few hours IP immediately blocked, there are also built on a good use for a long time, and if you want more than one country IP have to buy more than one country VPS, may not be more than the paid The vpn is not necessarily more cost-effective than paid vpn.

You could also consider SSR, but this method (like any other self-built method), will only get more and more unstable.

The biggest drawback is still a single IP, IP is walled can only change IP, although changing IP is not a hassle, modern VPS support from the old mirror to generate a new host (with a new IP), but the frequency is high and not easy, the new sub IP may not be able to use, so sometimes have to be repeated, it’s very troublesome, and if you need a multi-country IP, you have to buy more than one VPS, the cost tends to be higher than the paid vpn.

General game gas pedal acceleration principles and recommendations

The reason why network gas pedals speed up is that the first thing they address is not network latency, but packet loss.

Domestic online players even foreign service, the reason why always feel the speed is not ideal, the primary reason is not high latency, in fact, Korean service, Taiwan service, Japanese service to mainland China’s latency is not particularly high, generally in the 50-100ms between the latency to play the vast majority of online games should not be a problem, because of higher than 100ms latency in order to be detected by the human eye.

So why is it that playing Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese services without using a gas pedal is still unbearably slow? Because the packet loss is too severe.

The main reason for packet loss is not network congestion, but the result of traffic monitoring and filtering by China’s “Great Firewall”. Under the network censorship system, each import and export TCP/IP traffic packets may be interfered with, or contaminated or discarded, the local and remote game servers have to be repeatedly re-transmitted and reconnected, time-outs and disconnections occur from time to time, so that the experience of playing online games naturally is not good to go.

In the years when GFW was not yet powerful, the domestic population to the U.S. service to play WOW is not small, then only need a simple proxy can be, and then became less and less maneuverable.

Internet (gaming) gas pedals’ solution to the packet loss problem is really no different than a VPN or any encrypted network protocol (with the exception of gas pedals that go on IPLC routes), in that it’s all about encrypting or obfuscating the communication from your local machine to the remote server, and bleaching as much of the data in the traffic as possible so it doesn’t get misinterpreted by the regulators.

Because the technology is essentially the same, it’s logical to use a wall-flipping VPN to provide game acceleration proxies, and the image below shows the Japanese gaming node of PandaVPN (which has run out of business and is not recommended):

Panda VPN as a game acceleration proxy
Panda VPN as a game acceleration proxy

There are quite a few online game gas pedals on the domestic market, listed below are a few popular gas pedals and their respective prices:

  • Netease UU Accelerator: $30 per month
  • Panda Accelerator: $36 per month
  • Qiyou Online Accelerator: $45 per month
  • Xunyou Accelerator: $25 per month
  • Tencent Online Game Accelerator: $15 per month

I used NetEase UU gas pedal (this article is not sponsored by NetEase) to play Dota, even the North American servers, although the overall delay is still high, but the effect of acceleration is obvious. Without the gas pedal, each game can not last 5 minutes can not stand, the night encountered more than 30% of the horror of the packet loss rate, put a big move on the screen to finish the effects of more than half a minute, it is painful.

As a perennial user of VPN over the wall, understand the principle of online game gas pedal, PC loaded with several software, naturally, a little eager to try.Dota US service I tried before connected to ExpressVPN, although the problem of packet loss has been perfectly solved, but the Ping value is as low as 175, generally more than 200ms, the latency of this play Dota will still be painful, the MMR will be dropped very much.Dota US service is the first time to play Dota, and the MMR will be very bad.Dota US service is the first time to play Dota, but it is not the only time to play Dota. The MMR will drop a lot. Traditional OpenVPN protocols are too bulky and have too much extra overhead for accelerated gaming traffic (ExpressVPN has solved this problem with the LightWay protocol).

PandaVPN ( not the aforementioned Panda Accelerator) is slightly better, but the lowest ping value is not lower than 170ms, of course, the speeds I saw are extremely fortuitous and unrepresentative, after all, the physical distance between China and the U.S. is there, and a base ping value of 200 or so is a hurdle that can’t be overcome.

But my classmate used VPN to connect to Korean service, the effect is the same as the domestic gas pedal, and even feel better, because in addition to playing games, open it can also open the web page to brush the video. However, according to him, not all IPs of the wall-flipping VPN can always log into the game servers smoothly, which is probably because some IP pools of the VPN are restricted by the game server maintenance side. But this is a problem gas pedals occasionally have.

Should you buy a gas pedal or use a wall-flipping VPN to play online games in China?I think the latter is worth trying, at least technically I haven’t found a reason not to use it.

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