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This article introduces cell phone wall-flipping software, currently there are only two available: ExpressVPN and PandaVPN, both of which offer client download channels that do not depend on the official app store.


If you’re looking for a way to flip your cell phone over the wall back to your home country, check out: flipping the wall to China.

Cell phone wall flipping software that works

There are only two cell phone wall flipping apps that work at the moment:


  • Support iOS 12+, Android 5+ mobile systems
  • Support iPhone 12/11/SE/XS/XR, iPad Pro/Air/Mini
  • Support Android 5+ mobile system

More ExpressVPN introductions here.


  • Support iOS 11+ mobile system
  • Support Android 5+ mobile system

Here’s more on PandaVPN.

If I could only recommend one of the two, I would recommend ExpressVPN, which is the mobile wall-flipping app I’ve personally been using.

Apple phone flip wall

See more at: iOS (iPad/iPhone) guide to going over the wall.

Android phone flip wall

See more at: android guide to going over the wall.

common problems

VPN vs. non-VPN

Compared to computers, cell phones don’t have as much computing power, and traditional OpenVPN protocols can be more power-hungry, but traditional VPN protocols have mature system support. The advantage of non-VPN cell phones for wall flipping is efficiency, but this advantage is being offset by more and more VPN software integrating lightweight protocols like WireGuard.

APP download problem

Apple China App Store no VPN or proxy can be downloaded, the official Android app store is not pre-installed on the domestic phone, even if installed can not be accessed, foreign Android market is basically walled. A line of cell phone wall software vendors are providing solutions, I own the most commonly used ExpressVPN allows no App installation on Apple phones, users do not need to download the mobile app can also be configured through the browser to flip the wall; on Android phones, users can directly download APK from the official website.

About SSR cell phone over the wall

The reason why this article only introduces mobile VPN and mentions Blue Lantern, and does not spend too much time to introduce SSR mobile wall flipping, because I think the current SSR client platform is not high degree of unity, divided into a strong, Android with a, Apple with a, and all need to be the user manual action of the corresponding configuration, to know the technical friends may not be a problem, but for the majority of the readers of this site, I do not think it will be a very good! experience, so there is no special recommendation for SSR class proxy tools, interested in Apple phone wall and Android phone wall two articles, there will be more mentioned in the text.

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