How to go back to mainland China over the wall, get a mainland IP address and access restricted services

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This article introduces flip wall back to China VPN, recommending good mainland VPNs for Taiwan, Hong Kong and other overseas regions, such tools can let you connect to mainland China servers through encrypted lines on your iPhone, Android and personal computer to get a mainland IP address, so as to bypass the IP restriction of various audio and video services. If you are looking for software that can flip the wall from mainland China to the Internet, please refer to: Flipping the Wall and Scientific Internet Access, China VPN Flipping the Wall Software Recommendations.

Flip the wall back to China VPN, provides mainland IP address


Connecting back to China with Malus, using audio and video services
Connecting back to China with Malus, using audio and video services
  • Global repatriation line, relay repatriation line, better stability and speed of repatriation
  • Full platform support: Chrome plugin, iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Android TV
  • No traffic limit, supports up to 3 devices, can be purchased additionally
  • No advertisements, simple and fresh design, one click and you are ready to use
  • Support Paypal, credit card, WeChat, Alipay and domestic bank card, etc.
  • Real-time online customer service, basically online 7 days a week, solve problems at any time, the attitude is also very good!
  • As low as $2.99/month, the longer you buy, the better the deal!
  • Currently Malus accelerated game function is still under development, does not support real-time game acceleration!

Malus customer service email: [email protected] There is also an online customer service portal at the bottom and lower right corner.


Use Fastfan to go over the wall to China
Use Fastfan to go over the wall to China
  • Specialized in over-the-wall repatriation services
  • 150 high-speed return routes with multiple nodes in mainland China
  • Provides clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV, etc.
  • QQ Music, Netease Cloud, Cool Dog, Music Unlimited
  • Aqiyi, Youku, Tencent, HD video at any time to enjoy
  • High-speed NBA, Chinese Super League, live links
  • Free trial available but with speed limit, VIP unlimited speed, 3 devices at the same time, 100+ dedicated lines, Kill Switch traffic leakage protection available
  • Support WeChat Alipay purchase recharge

There is an online customer service portal on the right side of the Fast Sail website.


  • Provides clients for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, browser plug-ins, etc.
  • Supports 3 devices at the same time
  • Ability to automatically optimize return routes based on different application needs
  • Accept Alipay, WeChat payment

HMA VPN – Failed

  • 12 groups of Beijing IPs
  • Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS Clients
  • Five units at the same time
  • unlimited flow
  • Thirty Days No Reason Refund Promise
  • Payment can be made by Alipay

The HMA website has an online customer service portal at the bottom right corner.

PandaVPN – Failed

Mainland China nodes are no longer available, only Hong Kong ones.

Use PandaVPN to go back to your country over the wall
PandaVPN offers nodes in Xuzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen in mainland China
  • Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xuzhou
  • 3 units at the same time
  • unlimited flow
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Clients
  • 7 Days No Reason Refund
  • Buy one year, get one year free (specific offer subject to official website)
  • At the same time to provide high-quality foreign nodes, back to the country can also be used to flip the wall!

Panda VPN offers online customer service, go to the bottom right corner of the official website to find the customer service chat portal, or you can contact them via the customer service email [email protected].

PureVPN – Failed

No longer available for mainland China nodes, Hong Kong’s still available.

PureVPN Double Eleven
PureVPN Double Eleven
  • Beijing, Shanghai IP
  • Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS Clients
  • Five units at the same time
  • unlimited flow
  • Thirty-one day no-excuses refund promise
  • Alipay payment
  • As low as $3.33/month (more deals for the holidays), 10% off with promo code wallmama

PureVPN customer service email [email protected] can also be contacted through the online customer service portal at the bottom right corner of the website.

Ivacy VPN – Failed

No longer provide mainland China IP, only Hong Kong China nodes.

Ivacy will connect you back home.
Ivacy will connect you back home.
  • Shanghai IP
  • Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS Clients
  • Five units at the same time
  • unlimited flow
  • Thirty Days No Reason Refund Promise
  • Alipay payment
  • Promo Code: WALLMAMA20
  • As low as $1.99/month

Ivacy offers online customer service, go to the bottom right corner of the official website to find the customer service chat portal, or you can contact them at the customer service email address [email protected].

VPN Area – disabled

Continental IPs are no longer available.

  • Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS Clients
  • Six simultaneous units
  • advertisement blocking
  • Seven Days No Reason Refund Promise

VPNArea offers an online customer service portal at the bottom right corner of its official website, or you can contact them at the customer service email address [email protected].

Why did you go back over the wall?

The embarrassment of the Overseas Party

The embarrassment after the human flesh over the wall, not only the language and food are not accustomed to, and it is not easy to get to a foreign country, but found that NetEase cloud music overseas is restricted, even in the two years before leaving the country to charge the membership will not help, which realized that they still have to go over the wall back to their home country. This article is based on the author’s own experience in the United States in the past few years to flip back to the country, to introduce a few in the domestic nodes have node speed is also fast to flip the wall back to the country VPN: Ivacy, PureVPN, Malus, etc., regardless of whether you are in the United States, Japan, or other parts of the foreign country, if you also need to use the NetEase cloud music overseas, you are very likely to be the same as me, need to be a reliable flip the wall to return to the country VPN.

Note that the software introduced in this article I have tried in China, basically it is not possible to flip the wall out of China, if you are looking for a VPN that you can use after returning to your home country, please refer to the China VPN recommendations.

Because of copyright issues, a lot of domestic music and video sites prohibit direct access to foreign IP, overseas parties want to watch these videos from abroad with the help of tools to get domestic IP, in order to bypass this copyright restriction, so over the wall back to the country has become a must-know and must know the skills of overseas Chinese.

Since the circle of foreign countries chasing Japanese dramas Korean dramas is very small, the East and West cultural circle is basically two worlds, Oriental people like things, in foreign countries in the West is more difficult to find, local TV dramas, interviews, reality TV shows, talent shows, singing competitions, etc. abroad is simply no shadow. Domestic video sites such asYouku, Tudou, Sohu Video, Tencent Video, Aichiye, LeTV, PPTV, PPSThere are a lot of film and television variety shows that are only open to mainland users for free, and the platform purchases the copyrights of these resources and strictly restricts direct access from overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), so that when you access them from abroad, you will encounter the phrase “this video is only available to users in mainland China”. Domestic music apps, such as NetEase Yunmusic, also restrict the broadcasting rights of overseas users, and foreign music apps do not carefully include works from the Asian cultural circle, and they have to pay for them.

Overseas parties want to watch domestic videos, bypassing the restriction of “mainland China only”, they need to go through the domestic IP, that is, “over the wall back to China”. Domestic websites judge the location of users according to their IP addresses, and every computer or cell phone with Internet connection has its own IP address. If your IP address is domestic, the video website will let you watch normally, but if your IP address is overseas (such as the United States and the United Kingdom), you will be subject to the restriction of “This video is only available to users in mainland China. If your IP address is overseas (such as the United States, the United Kingdom, then you will be subject to the “This video is restricted to users in mainland China.

Provide domestic IP service, that is, VPN service in the domestic server nodes, you install VPN client on foreign computers, use the client to connect to the domestic server, you realize the ” over the wall to China “, and then access to the domestic website, these sites detected IP address, is the one you connect to the domestic server! The IP address detected by these websites will be the IP address of the domestic server you connect to, so there will be no restriction.

VPN tool is you buy abroad, in the device connected to the domestic address can play a role, the connection must be to the mainland server address, Beijing and Shanghai can be, Hong Kong’s IP will still be counted by the domestic video site as a foreign IP. speed depends on what you are in a foreign location, such as the U.S. East and the U.S. West even the same IP in the country, the U.S. West of the speed of the speed of the domestic nodes, whether it is in Beijing or Shanghai, the feeling of speed is about the same! The speed depends on where you are located abroad, for example, the US East and US West are connected to the same domestic IP, the US West is faster, and the domestic nodes, whether Beijing or Shanghai, feel about the same speed. After connecting to the original foreign restricted services can be used normally, just like you people in the country.

Finding a Mainland VPN: An Embarrassment for RTHK Compatriots

I am in the United States, around a lot of Hong Kong and Taiwan neighbors and friends, gossip, there are a lot of people will ask me how to in the absence of mainland identity, woolgathering to the Chinese mainland Internet 🙂 girls seem to be particularly keen, for them, compared to Hong Kong and Taiwan, local or Europe and the United States, expensive online audio and video services, the same kind of services in mainland China is simply like no money, even if it is a fee! Even for paid subscriptions, the cost of a year is no more than two or three hundred RMB, and the incredibly lax copyright constraints on the mainland’s internal Internet allow almost everyone who can get a mainland IP address to “enjoy” a large number of free “free” audio-visual resources, and to consume “free” audio-visual resources, which are not available in Hong Kong. Consuming “free” original music and movies from Hong Kong and Taiwan has also been a habit of mainland netizens for many years. As far as I know, some famous forums in Taiwan often discuss how to watch mainland’s palace dramas for free — like Legend of Concubine Zhenhuan, who says mainland’s “cultural” export is not working 🙂

Restriction of foreign IP access to mainland audio-visual resource sites

These are the platforms in mainland China that have invested the most in licensed music, movie & drama rights, feel free to leave a comment to add to the list.

Music: Netease cloud music, QQ music, shrimp music, cool dog music, cool my music

Video Category: Bilibili, Youku, Aikiye, Tencent Video

Almost all apps have free and paid versions, the latter is almost a must for overseas use, real-time audio streaming with high latency and buffering, and the paid version supports downloading to local listening. There was a time when some netizens rumored that a certain paid package can remove IP restrictions, and then there are many users reflect the purchase and can not, the author has not been successful, please know the situation of the readers to advise.

Foreign Music Alternative App:

If you don’t have to listen to Chinese music, there are actually quite a few alternatives overseas.

  • Youtube Music
    Currently my favorite music product, plays in the browser, quite a bit of music comes with music videos, including heavily flavored ones, great sound quality!
  • Youtube
    Search for your favorite singer or band, you can basically find the audio or music video on the tube, in fact, the tube is the world’s largest free music site You don’t know that, do you?
  • Spotify
    The free version has ads, but it’s not over the top. The paid version is a 30 day trial and then $9.99 per month. supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, in-car devices, PS, Xbox consoles, TV only and also offers a web version.
  • Apple Music
    3 month free trial. Supports iTunes, iOS, Android, PC – best experienced on Apple devices. The student version is $4.49 per month, the personal version is $9.99, and the family version is $14.99 per month. I think it’s a good deal, so you can set up a “temporary family” with your buddies!
  • Google Play Music
    Personal version $9.99 per month, Family version $14.99 can be used for free for 30 days for up to 6 people.
  • Sound Cloud
    This is an alternative, but one that might be interesting to you, with quite a few debuts from indie artists on Sound Clould. There’s a free version, and two versions of the paid version, the cheaper $4.99 per month with no high quality and a 7-day free trial, and the more expensive $9.99 per month with high quality and a 30-day free trial, which is 50% cheaper for students!
  • Amazon Music Unlimited
    30-day free trial, $9.99 per month for personal, $14.99 per month for family, 6 people, student discount to $4.99 per month.
  • Pandora Radio
    Pandora Radio, there is a free version, paid version 30 days free trial, as low as $4.99 per month, no search function, if you want to use it, we recommend to buy $9.99 per month, free trial for 60 days, there are also discounts for students, families, military.
  • Tidal
    30-day free trial. Standard $9.99 per month, Premium $19.99 per month, Premium offers CD sound quality.
  • Gaana
    Translated from English Gaana is an Indian commercial music streaming service with over 100 million monthly users. It was launched in April 2010 by Times Internet and offers Indian and international music content. The entire Indian music catalog is available to users worldwide.

Foreign Video Alternative App:

If you don’t have to watch Chinese videos, here are some foreign alternative platforms.

Other applications to go back over the wall

steam flip back to buy games

Overseas party Steam over the wall back to China because it is cheaper to buy games from the Steam domestic store, the effectiveness of this means depends on Steam’s content control policy, I myself have bought a few games from the U.S. connected to the node of PureVPN Shanghai, at that time, there was no problem with the purchase, but when I disconnected from the PureVPN to download it later, I still encountered a problem, at that time (2017) Steam’s policy is relatively strict, it is said that the policy has been loosened in the past two years, and there are a large number of people who buy games from the United States, Canada, and Australia connecting to the country. This kind of application has no special requirements for software, Ivacy, PureVPN, Malus, etc. will do.

PC computers return to play games

Overseas students in the group a little more, weekend study idle connected to the domestic service and the domestic dead friends to brush the task, a lot of domestic online games because of IP restrictions, a ping value as low as possible over the wall back to the country VPN is indispensable. For those who have high ping requirements, you can consider Malus, which I personally feel has the lowest latency and a wide selection of servers.

Apple phones, iPads, cut back to domestic app market

In addition to the previous time to download NetEase Cloud Music, many people overseas also use Apple devices over the wall back home in the domestic App Store up and down App.

Other ways to go back to your country over the wall

Unblock Youku

This is it Google Chrome extension, interested friends can use to see. Individuals have not used for many years, it is inconvenient to review here. In general, although the browser plug-in can cover many of the application scenarios of the wall back to the country, but by hijacking the browser to open certain domestic sites, selective redirection of certain requests to the preset domestic proxy way, technically very clever, but the limitations are also very large. The biggest limitation is also its advantage, the ability of a browser extension can not jump out of the browser’s sandbox, so if I want to get the same experience in a native app — whether desktop or mobile app, it is almost necessary to force the plug-in author to rewrite the software all over again, and this project is still going on today, we should thank the author for his persistence. As a heavy user of both apps and browsers, I’ve gotten used to the undifferentiated and comfortable experience provided by the underlying VPN software.

Buy a domestic server and do it yourself?

Theoretically, overseas parties can easily buy servers from domestic cloud computing platforms such as Ali Cloud and Tencent Cloud, and the rest is nothing more than setting up a proxy, but the actual operation may not be as simple as it sounds.

First of all, the export bandwidth of domestic servers is very expensive, currently about 20 yuan per month per megabyte, 1M bandwidth service maximum export speed of about 128KB per second, if you go over the wall back to the country’s purpose is just to listen to the music, perhaps barely feasible, but this is only the theoretical upper limit, the actual use of up from abroad, probably dozens of kilobytes per second about the same (to the Chinese line of the country is good a little better), to listen to music online smoothly, you probably have to buy at least 4-5M bandwidth is really enough, the equivalent of 80-100 dollars per month, cost-effective depends on the individual wallet.

If you want to watch domestic high-definition video abroad, theoretically as long as about 500KB per second, but to support a steady stream of bytes, I’m afraid you have to buy seven or eight megabytes of bandwidth is enough.

Secondly, no one can guarantee that the domestic server privately set up on the proxy can continue to exist, even if it is only used for the purpose of the wall back to the country (rather than sensitive wall out of the country), there are in the domestic operation of such a proxy vendors so far still from time to time to face the dilemma of the number of users went up, but the server had to be suddenly offline, the regulation is a problem that can not be bypassed.

Comprehensive consideration of the above, I think they buy mainland servers to flip the wall back to the country is not realistic, if the reader has the heart and wallet can go to toss, may wish to come here to share the results, the fun of tossing is endless.

The video is from 2017, just for reference

Personal experience

I started from the beginning of 2014 over the wall back to China, once only to listen to Chinese songs, used a long time Malus, video use is not much, because the audio traffic is small, so seldom encountered speed problems, download is quite convenient, but the HD audio file is large sometimes a song is also down for a long time, have seen a few HD on the bilibili, occasional buffering, the overall speed is OK. But I don’t know if it’s because of the server location or configuration, B station later access speed is not fast, repeatedly used a few tools, now feel Malus, fast sail are good. Note: This is my experience in the U.S. East, may not be representative of the geographic location of the different network latency and routing will be different, so the overseas party do not expect a tool in different geographic areas can have the same performance, which is impossible, in the village of Australia’s friends are often complaining about the nodes in the northern region is very difficult to use the south of the okay.

We all know that domestic servers are regulated by the policy is relatively strong, the above will be every now and then to audit the server whether it is used for “legitimate” users, over the wall back to the domestic node is no exception, although from abroad over the wall back to the domestic policy there is nothing wrong, but the ISP vendors are still routinely monitoring the program in the constant monitoring, a server, an IP! When a large amount of non-HTTP traffic is detected, such programs will mark the server as suspicious and automatically impose certain restrictions accordingly, which is the reason why servers going over the wall to China are sometimes invited to tea. This is the reason why servers in China are sometimes invited to tea. At such times, VPN service vendors in China have to take some trouble or do something technically to deal with the situation, sometimes changing IPs or temporarily restricting the traffic of external VPNs, or moving to a new server, which will take a little bit of time, but the service will be restored in the end.

So if you come across the mainland server temporarily disappeared from the VPN server list, do not be too nervous, just be patient, usually a few days can be dealt with to restore service, if the emergency, you can change a service provider, multiple service provider servers at the same time mainland nodes disappeared is rare.

Pure mobile App to desktop PC or Mac can not be used, VPN can be full terminal coverage, each device has a client to download some programs through multiple relays, the speed will be discounted, VPN once connected is a point-to-point transmission, more stable, faster automatic reconnection of the issue of the VPN client support is better, especially mobile devices, the VPN program is the best generality. Can accelerate any website and application: domestic video sites, such as Tencent Video, Aichi, Youku, Tudou, LeTV, Beili Beili, CCTV5, Sohu, Sina, Tencent NBA, Sina Live, PPTV Sports, Huazhou Sports, Tian Tian Live, Sina Sports, live events; can be accelerated by the domestic music sites, there are QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Shrimp Mi Music, Kugou Music, Baidu Music, Yinyue Tai, etc. music, Baidu music, YinYueTai, etc.; domestic game acceleration, break through the network speed limit, improve the game lag experience, optimize the latency problem; live APP acceleration, campus network unrestricted accelerated access, the company enterprise network port unrestricted accelerated access.

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