Mac Guide to Flipping the Wall

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This article introduces Mac computers to go over the wall from China, if you are looking for a way to go over the wall on Mac back to China, please read this article.

Mac翻墙指南 1

The same as the Apple operating system, Mac flip wall is much easier than iOS flip wall, VPN client download does not rely on the App Store, directly download and install. macOS itself is based on Unix, can run most of the Linux software, so the Linux flip wall tips are also generally applicable, but time relations I have not verified.

Mac wall flipping software that works


ExpressVPN provides .pkg installer for download and supports macOS 10.10+, see here for more details about this VPN.

After downloading, double-click the installer on your Mac computer with your mouse and then go all the way to the next step, refer to the steps.

ExpressVPN Mac客户端

PandaVPN – Runs out of business, not recommended!

PandaVPN offers 2 .dmg installers for download, one supports macOS 10.12+ and the other supports OS X 10.10-10.11, for more details about this VPN please see here.

Double click the installation package on Mac computer after download, the system will automatically mount it with virtual CD-ROM drive, and then a prompt box will pop up, use the mouse to drag and drop the picture on the left to the “application folder” to complete the installation, refer to the steps.

PandaVPN Mac客户端

How to go back home over the wall on a Mac

See: over the wall back in the country.

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