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This article refers to routers that can be purchased abroad with firmware pre-installed with a VPN software client, which is obviously impossible to buy in mainland China ( search for VPN Router on Amazon ). It seems that this type of device can pass through customs, but readers are advised to check for themselves if the model they are purchasing poses any risk of entry. In any case, it ‘s not recommended to bring the device in person and it’s best to use a forwarding company.

Router over the wall advantages and disadvantages


The benefits of using router to flip wall are obvious, the biggest advantage is that it allows all devices in a network domain to share a secure link, eliminating the cost and trouble of purchasing and installing wall-flipping tools for each device individually in the home or office, especially for the number of people and many devices in the office environment can save a lot of money. Therefore, it is still the most economical way to access the Internet through the router.

Some electronic devices are unable to install a VPN client, especially those with bundled packages under some ISPs, where the system restricts users from bypassing copyright controls via VPN, but all of these devices can easily go over the wall via routing because there is no need to rely on a local client.

The function of automatic disconnection when connecting (Kill Switch) can prevent certain devices at home or company from leaking sensitive traffic when there is no secure connection. Router + Kill Switch is an effective means to effectively protect the data security of the whole network domain.


Router wall flipping has its drawbacks, firstly, you may not be able to buy a router that allows you to brush this type of firmware within China, and secondly, without the support of an auto-reconnect wall flipping tool, the usability will be very poor, as the domestic network is unstable, and downstream users of the device will be very chagrined if the router is disconnected and unable to auto-reconnect.

The most powerful router over the wall tool


Currently the easiest way to configure your router to flip over the wall is still VPN, as long as the router itself supports it, you just need to download an APP customized for your router, and then you can use it after installing it, eliminating the trouble of manually brushing the firmware. And the strongest router wall flipping VPN at the moment is ExpressVPN without a doubt.

It provides easy-to-use direct installation packages for major international router brands such as Asus, Linksys, Netgear, as well as manual installation options for popular domestic brands such as D-link, TP-link, and even Xiaomi routers, and there is no VPN on the market with better router support than ExpressVPN.

Here’s more on ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Supported Routers for Flipping Walls
ExpressVPN Supported Routers for Flipping Walls

Wall-flipping router with ExpressVPN integration

ExpressVPN Aircove

If you’re in the US, you can prioritize buying the ExpressVPN Aircove router, which is the official ExpressVPN hardware with a built-in VPN.

particular purpose

If you’re in a position to get one of the following routers, you don’t even need to install ExpressVPN yourself, as it’s already integrated into the firmware:

  • Linksys WRT3200ACM (8 devices)
  • Netgear R6700v3 (4-7 devices)
  • Netgear R7000 (4-7 devices)

These are the kinds of routers you can get on FlashRouters, and it’s up to your dexterity to get the stuff into the country.

Configure ExpressVPN for Xiaomi Router

Some friends responded that the current configuration of this program is not strong enough to flip the wall, and suggested that readers prioritize foreign manufacturers to consider the direct firmware integration of the router, right?

ExpressVPN offers manual configuration options under L2TP on Xiaomi routers. similar configuration for well-known domestic router brands such as TP-Link and Huawei routers.

The problem is that the L2TP protocol is not very stable in China, and the Xiaomi routers you can buy at home and abroad are naturally different, so don’t expect the domestic routers to let you go over the wall normally, and don’t recommend it, because there is no reason to believe that the equipment on the domestic field won’t betray you.


This is the vendor’s own integrated router with two protocols provided on the client side: OpenVPN, RouterPro. powerful:

  1. Enable VPN for selected Wifi sources only: If the router supports multiple Wifi sources, you can enable a Wifi filter and use VPN only when connecting to a specific SSID
  2. Device Filtering: Select which devices pass through the VPN, the Astrill VPN Router gives you complete control over which devices are tunneled through the VPN and which devices are connected over IP
  3. Web Filtering: Just like a device, you can filter which websites are tunneled through the VPN and which ones are connected directly through the default Internet connection.
  4. Port Forwarding: For BitTorrent and P2P applications, the port forwarding option in the software is used to optimize the performance of Skype, VoIP, BitTorrent downloads or any other P2P service.

Non-VPN tools

For those who love to do things, you can try to install SSR, WireGuard, V2Ray and other self-built wall-flipping tools (usually involving firmware flashing, which involves some risk ) on your router by yourself. I’m not going to expand on my limited personal experience, interested readers can move to the OpenWRT website.

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