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Panda VPN offers a public Apple US ID, but because so many people use it, accounts are sometimes inevitably blocked by Apple officials. Although you can contact Panda to have them manually unblock your account, this may take a few days, so if you are in a position to do so, you may want to sign up for an Apple US ID yourself, which is what Panda officially suggests:

Because of the high number of users using this ID to download is very easy to be locked, if you still can not download and use, you can register your own ID for the U.S. region, so that you can use it at any time.

Here are the exact steps to register:

initial step

Apple official website (! &page=signin ) to register for a mainland China Apple ID ( double verification of email and cell phone number is required, just follow the prompts)

second step

After successful registration, log in to your account, click edit to change your region and country to US.

Select USA

third step

Choose none for payment method, fill in address, name, zip code, phone number, etc. for US region ( generates virtual US information)

Fill in U.S. domicile (virtual) information

If there is no None option, try PayPal.

fourth step

Fill out the information and click save to switch regions

Save and complete region switching

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