Airport Recommendation: SSR/V2RAY/TROJAN

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I’m afraid to write about airport recommendations, because there are many airports that run away, and they run away very often, and people in the industry are not surprised, for example, last year I recommended a certain X airport, and it didn’t take long for the recommendation to run away, and at that time I decided to recommend this airport, but also after reading a lot of bloggers on the Internet recommending it, and everyone called it a “high-end airport”, and I went to the official website to see the price was set very high, and I thought it shouldn’t be wrong. When I went to the official website, I felt that the price was set very high and thought that it should not be wrong. I thought that such a high price would not be able to cheat many users, and the cheaper package was not in stock, so I could only buy the most expensive one, and the website was in both Chinese and English, so I felt that I could afford to recommend it because of the word “high end”.

SSR/V2RAY/TROJAN Airport Recommendations

So I’m afraid of recommending airports, and the first line of business VPN is different, a lot of practitioners in this industry is too reckless, is really holding the goal of cutting leeks to come, the cloud computing era to get VPS and line resources so easy, it is an individual can open the airport, do a layout is still a professional official website is not difficult, it’s easy to disguise themselves as a background with the strength of the service provider, the marketing of the price to do a particularly low, many people Greedy and cheap to be fooled.

I personally don’t usually rely on airports to go over the wall, instead I mainly use a commercial VPN, so please don’t put too much faith in my recommended airports as I really hardly ever use them. The recommendations in this article are based entirely on what I could find on the internet, combined with some of my own personal judgments, made this list without actually using it at all, make sure you understand the following points before reading:

  1. Any airport can run away: because there’s been so much of this in the last two years, you’re better off assuming that the airport you’re buying will run away tomorrow, and when buying a package, you’d rather be slightly more expensive than buying a long-term package (with the exception of maybe JustMySocks, which has been recommended on this site for many years now), unless you feel that losing that little bit of money on a long-term package is nothing to you, then feel free to
  2. Almost all airports have a Chinese background: there are a lot of airports whose owners are physically in China, and I’m sure it’s not their intention to sell out their customers, but you should understand that they are fundamentally unable to take responsibility for the safety of your data and your person, and you can’t rule out the fact that some airports are very moral and would rather destroy their servers than hand over their data in certain situations, but you shouldn’t assume that everyone is like that, and you shouldn’t provide your domestic email/wechat/alipay account or any other characteristic information that can be traced directly to your personal identity when you sign up. WeChat/Alipay account or any other characteristic information that can be traced directly to your personal identity, you should choose to get airport services in a private way, using a foreign email address, and pay through a payment method where the data is stored overseas.
  3. Functional limitations: Almost all airports can not open BT/P2P downloads, mind friends detour, each airport has its own traffic audit rules, that is, the airport server shielding services, do not understand the buy before you make sure to ask clearly, for example, if you commonly used Sony gaming site, and you buy the airport is restricted, it is the same as a waste of money to buy -! – Airports basically don’t support refunds.
  4. Privacy Policy: Unlike the zero-log policy of first-tier VPN-type wall-flipping software, as far as I know, airports generally record real IPs, and certain airports may record much more than IPs. The risk is that as an ordinary user, eager to find cost-effective tools that can FQ, you tend to ignore privacy and security, and the vast majority of users may not care about this at all, but the user needs to understand that after connecting to airports, your internet traffic will go through servers maintained by strangers. But users need to understand that after connecting to the airport, all your internet traffic will pass through a server maintained by a stranger, how your personal data is used is actually only subject to the conscience of the maintainer, which is a highly unreliable thing, especially when a conscientious person is under some kind of duress!

Just My Socks

Foreign SSR/V2ray airport, operating for many years, is one of the most familiar to me, PayPal/Alipay/UnionPay card payment (PayPal is recommended), work order customer service, the following price list is for reference only, the latest to the official website shall prevail:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)monthly trafficbandwidthsNumber of equipmentPrice (US$/month)
LA 500500G2.5Gbps55.88
LA 10001T5Gbpsnot limited to9.88
LA 50005T5Gbpsnot limited to48.99
London 500500G2.5Gbps56.80
HK CMI + NTT 500500G2.5Gbps58.99
Tokyo 100100G100Mbps329.99
Tokyo 500500G200Mbps5135.99
Hong Kong 100100G100Mbps334.99
Hong Kong 500500G500Mbps5149.99
Hong Kong 10001T1Gbpsnot limited to279.99
IPLC HK 100 (V2RAY)100G100Mbps321.00
IPLC HK 300 (V2RAY)300G100Mbps349.00

Just My Socks is the only airport I’ve had any experience with, although that was three or four years ago and the service has been walled off for several years now, you can’t buy it directly in China, you have to get a friend to buy it on your behalf or FQ it yourself on an ad-hoc basis, and most of the packages probably aren’t cost-effective for most people, so you can consider it for less than $10. The panel support of this airport is relatively weak compared to the new airport on the market, one has not changed a lot over the years, the lack of subscription support, new hands may be a little trouble.


Bloggers far more experienced in airport technology than I am are recommending this airport, which is the only reason I’m recommending Gacloud (and the recommended airports below as well), and I haven’t used it myself, so I’ve only looked at it briefly to share what I’ve learned.

Gacloud is SS/SSR/V2Ray/Trojan airport, this is the protocol screenshot and client support screenshot, provide Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore/Japan/USA nodes (connection is limited to domestic IP, overseas can not be used), support for Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming media unlocked, monthly/quarterly/yearly three packages, package can be customized to the required amount of traffic and the number of devices. Outside the package can buy additional traffic packages or expand the number of devices, light trial can also pay by volume without buying packages, corporate users can buy customized exclusive lines, currently only supports Alipay recharge payment, buy packages from the Gacloud wallet deduction, does not support refunds, the basic package (3 devices monthly payment) is as follows:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)monthly trafficMaximum bandwidthPrice (RMB/month)
Basic Line100G200Mbps39
Premium Dedicated Line100G300Mbps49
Boutique Line100G500Mbps59

Boutique line with international line acceleration and SLA guarantee, should be the best stability and speed, the least fluctuation, I feel is the most cost-effective package. In addition, the official website said that the “long-term high traffic” applications will be monitored, I feel that refers to the P2P download category, this kind of application has an immediate need for friends, it is recommended to contact online customer service to confirm the suitability of the first. For those who have a need for such applications, it is recommended to contact online customer service first to confirm the suitability of the package.


TAG airport is probably the most nodes inside all the airports I’ve seen, covering more than 200 nodes in more than 90 countries and regions around the world, multi-location BGP cross-border line out of the country, the export nodes are optimized for streaming media such as Netfilx/Hulu/Hbo/Disney+/Dazn, etc., the use of ss-Obfs obfuscation protocols, a fixed amount of traffic per month, you can pay for it if you run out in advance! Reset traffic, work order or online customer service, here is the package situation:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)Price (RMB)fluxManual Traffic Reset FeeNumber of equipment
Individual Bronze160 per quarter250G/month$35 per visit10
Personal Silver99/month500G/month$75 per visit10
Personal Gold190 yuan/month999G/month$130 per session10
special package$140/year200G/year80RMB per visit10
Group Packages570 yuan/month3000G/month500 yuan per session50
TikTok node customization (SSR protocol)999/month1T/monthnot limited to

TAG Airport supports Paypal and USDT-TRC20 payments and all packages are non-refundable.


Glados is a V2Ray/Trojan airport, supports the WireGuard protocol, and supports router OpenWRT/LEDE/Padavan installations, here’s the package overview:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)Number of equipmentTraffic (GB/month)Bandwidth (Mbps)

Please understand the individual package limitations, including client support, Netflix nodes, domain blocking rules, etc. before purchasing.


STC-Server Airport supports SSR and V2Ray, provides nodes for domestic medium specialties/international optimization/extra leased lines, Netflix nodes are abundant, supports monthly packages and pay-per-volume, provides work orders and online customer service, and package conditions (it is recommended that you read the FAQ well before purchasing):

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)Duration (months)Price (dollars)Traffic (GB/month)client (computing)

Pay-as-you-go is billed at $0.8/GB of traffic, valid for one year, with a customized traffic rate, so understand the concept of “traffic multiplier” before you buy.

Nexitally (milkshake airport)

Nexitally is SSR/Trojan airport, BGP relay in mainland China, private line transmission, support intelligent access point allocation, maximum bandwidth 2000Mbps, support router streaming unlocking, 2 online devices at the same time, general Internet package overview:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)fluxPrice (dollars)
Basic 1 month500G/month111.87
Basic 6 months500G/month577.2
Basic 12 months500G/month1048.92
Light 1 month200G/month71
Light 6 months200G/month360
Light 12 months200G/month624

Users can also purchase additional services to provide Japan/US/Korea Anycast network, China/US financial line, and the number of devices can be upgraded to 5.

Boom Cloud

Boom Cloud is a Shadowsocks/V2Ray IPLC leased line airport, 10+ data centers worldwide, 55+ dynamically accelerated nodes, 99.8% SLA, full support for multi-protocol/streaming unlocking, unlimited speed, can be packaged yearly and monthly, can be paid for by volume, and also supports enterprise customization, package overview:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)pricesbus routeflux
SilverRMB 298/year30+60G/month
Gold408 yuan/year40+120G/month
Platium50 yuan/month50+300G/month
Diamond158 yuan/month50+800G/month
Team Plan3699/quarterfinitefinite

Pay-as-you-go packages are $45 for 30G, $120 for 120G, and $160 for 200G. 100Mbps + bandwidth guarantee for enterprise customization, with an optional traffic range of 3TB.

orange cloud

Orange Cloud is SSR/V2Ray airport, the high package provides IPLC dedicated node, work order with TG customer service, recharge and renewal, support Alipay and WeChat, this is the overview of each package:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)Price (yuan/month)Flow rate (GB)Number of equipmentBandwidth (Mbps)nodal
introduction (a subject)19.9100360introduction (a subject)
(an official) standard39.93508300(an official) standard
flagship59.960016unlimited speedIPLC
large flow99.9120016unlimited speedIPLC

speed ladder

Speed Ladder is an SSR/V2Ray airport, package overview:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)Price (yuan/month)Flow rate (GB)Number of equipmentRate (Mbps)nodal
introduction (a subject)19.9100360entry node
infrastructural29.92005150base node
(an official) standard39.93508300standard node
flagship59.960016unlimited speedIPLC Private Line

lightning cat

Lightning Cat Airport offers 7 packages for free trial, IPLC lines, all unlimited number of clients, unlimited speed, support all nodes with all platform terminals, the difference is only the traffic and price:

product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)pricesFlow rate (GB)
mini (as in mini-skirt or Mini Cooper) (loanword)19 yuan/month100
lightning35 yuan/month200
Perak79 yuan/month500
flying Apsara (Buddhist art)1499/year5000
Trial (with restrictions)5/3 days5


Expensive airports don’t run away?

Cheap airports use low prices to attract a large number of users, eat enough to run away, expensive airports use the FQ just need the crowd psychology to raise prices, eat enough to run away after the same, this is the existence of the industry in the shadows, there is no constraints, run or not run only in the owner’s mind, not to mention that many airports behind the so-called “team” page is a programmer alone. However, it is true that the quality of service at the expensive airports before the run will probably be better than the cheap airports. But whether it’s expensive or cheap, you don’t have any right to complain about the change of service status, so I advise you to never buy a long-term package, even if the price is very attractive, the more attractive the price, the more you don’t buy, unless you don’t care about the loss. Online if you see the so-called “high-end airport recommended” post, please automatically ignore, the airport nothing high or not high-end, dedicated resources who want to go to buy, technically there is no special threshold, open-source server setup plus a little bit of their own tuning only, I looked at a number of airports and found that their web site interface amazing landmines the same, I even once suspected that it was a human operation. even once suspected that it was a one-man operation, it should be built with open source software, visible in fact, now the beginning of the airport’s technical threshold is not high.

Why do many airports use Huawei Cloud Private Line?

Running FQ-related services with Huawei cloud leased lines feels like a death wish, but maybe it’s just my lack of understanding of this type of network technology. I can only guess that the reason why many airports are using Huawei cloud leased line is because 1. there is no other foreign business leased line to choose from can only take a risk 2. Huawei does not know yet 3. Huawei turns a blind eye, but also know the inside story of friends to enlighten, why open the airport people want to use Huawei’s leased line?

Should Hong Kong Airport be used?

There are airports that offer a large number (and high quality) of Hong Kong nodes, should they be used? Now it is difficult to answer this question, Hong Kong’s implementation of the new national security law naturally covers all of Hong Kong’s network services industry, but it seems that there is no clear case reports of specific service providers to become the target of law enforcement, then probably still can be used, just that we know that the sword hangs over our heads, when in the future there are media reports of a Hong Kong service provider servers were taken away from the news, we will probably not be surprised, but probably feel Fear, because we do not know whether the server hard disk is taken away from the storage of their own information. Suggest that readers, if not non-Hong Kong IP can not be, do not use the Hong Kong node, with Japan / Korea / Taiwan / U.S. / New Zealand and other countries of the server, at least the psychological will be a little more comfortable.

Wall-flipping airports trump VPNs?

I’ve seen this sentence on more than one website: “Flipping airports is not a VPN, but it’s better than a VPN”, I think we have to recognize the advantages of airports, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend airports to you here, but if you generalize that airports are better than VPNs, it may be because the author hasn’t used a good VPN, or didn’t intend to go in depth to Understand VPN, in terms of quantity, it is true that there are far fewer FQ VPNs that work well than airports, but they are definitely not absent, and I think the security and functionality of first-tier commercial VPNs (e.g., BT downloads) are stronger than airports, so it’s up to you to choose for your own needs, and to buy airports is to see what limitations there are on the service.

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