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Is there any browser that can be used directly to go over the wall? Without relying on any wall-flipping software, you can just open the browser and enjoy the international Internet. I can’t answer this question, I neither have a test environment nor am I honestly interested in this type of browser. I did use Opera some time ago, a niche browser with a built-in VPN, but I didn’t succeed in opening the Google homepage with it when I was in transit at Shanghai airport. So never tried it again.

I still decided to list the browsers I could find with built-in VPNs, and to reiterate, I don’t have my own experience flipping the switch on any of these browsers, I just referenced what I could Google, so if you’re interested, you can test them out in depth.

If you want to directly use Chrome/Firefox/Edge browsers to go over the wall with great difficulty, you may want to read it first: Chrome Guide to Going Over the Wall.

Wall-flipping browser with VPN

  • Opera
    Comes with a free VPN, no logs, no registration, no account, just turn it on in the settings to use it, but I can’t say for sure if it’s currently available in the country, and from what I know about free VPNs, I think it’s unlikely
  • Tor Browser
    This is based on the Tor distributed routing protocol browser, the design goal itself is not to go over the wall anti-blocking, but for traffic anti-sniffing hijacking, although the relay network nodes all over the world, but as long as the export traffic will still be limited, and the number of users in the country is almost negligible, the Internet traffic is more through the foreign country, the speed of the Internet is unlikely to be fast.
  • UR Browser
    This is a European privacy protection browser, comes with VPN, but you need to register before you use it, I’m not sure if there is any charge for registration, Europe seems to be the best in the world for online privacy protection, I will try this browser when I have a chance.
  • Epic Browser
    Built-in free VPN, nodes include North America, Singapore, Europe, India, etc. As for whether this free VPN can penetrate GFW, I don’t know, you can download it and try it yourself. From the official website, the data protection ability of this browser is still quite strong.
  • Tenta Browser
    It’s a currently Android-only browser that comes with a free VPN and has a paid version.
  • Aloha Browser
    Supports iOS and Android, comes with a free VPN.

There may be a few in there that can be downloaded directly from China, such as Opera, I’m not sure, but the ones that come down are probably castrated. These browsers are very niche and there shouldn’t be many domestic users to talk to.

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