Mullvad VPN China Review

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Mullvad VPN should not have many Chinese users, and it is rarely recommended online, but I think this VPN is worth paying attention to, it has two things that attract me, the first is the support for WireGuard, and the second is the free email registration, with bitcoin payment can basically be completely stealthy to use. And its biggest drawback at the moment is its slow speed.

Mullvad VPN China connects to US nodes


  • Email-free registration with auto-generated digital ID accounts
  • Supports high privacy level payment methods such as cash/offline purchases (foreign only)/cryptocurrencies
  • Simple pricing of 5€ per month with 10% discount on cryptocurrency payments
  • Support for Split Tunneling (but device limited, see “Disadvantages” below)
  • Supports both WireGuard and OpenVPN, allowing you to go over the wall in both modes (see “Usage” section below).
  • Supports automatic disconnection when Kill Switch is connected
  • Support for multi-hop connections and Shadowsocks (ports 80/443)
  • Share SOCKS5 agent when connected
  • zero log


  • There are not enough node locations for Chinese users, and at the moment there are just a few nodes in the US that work a little bit better
  • Compared with other first-tier VPNs, the connection speed is relatively slow, and the transmission speed has been detected by the speed measurement tool (WireGuard MultiHop, inlet and outlet for US services), there is a significant gap, and many tests have found that the fluctuation is large.
  • The router must be installed manually
  • Split Tunneling only supports application level, not URL level, and is limited to Windows/Linux/Android systems, macOS has support but needs manual configuration, iOS has no support for the time being.
  • Simultaneous equipment limit (5 units)

Using Mullvad VPN in China


Go to the official website to register an account, click Generate account number, it will generate a unique account ID, write down this ID, you need to use it when you log in, you have automatically logged in when generating the ID, you will carry out the subsequent steps in this state.


Click Add time to your account and choose a payment method that is as private and untraceable as possible: Cryptocurrency > Credit Card, PayPal > Internet Banking, Mullvad VPN also supports cash payments and offline purchases.


Go to this page to download the client, which supports 64-bit Windows 10+, 64-bit macOS 10.15+, 64-bit Ubuntu Linux 20.04+/Debian 10+, iOS 12+, Android 8.0+, etc., and can be downloaded directly from the official website except for the iOS APP.


Mullvad VPN in both modes will help you go over the wall:

  1. WireGuard mode to open the multi-hop, the connection is more stable, it is recommended that the first choice, the speed will be affected, tried not to open the multi-hop, can also be connected to a number of nodes, but the official customer service recommended to open the multi-hop, said to be more stable, we did not feel much difference, but the speed under the multi-hop connection can indeed be clearly felt slower.
  2. OpenVPN mode open bridge, can be connected, but connected to the still appear some sites can not be opened, relatively less stable, high rate of disconnection.OpenVPN + bridge mode, each Mullvad VPN connection can be in the world to choose any entry and exit servers, and can be changed at any time, it is recommended to use the U.S. nodes, European nodes, but the latency of the nodes on the high side, the Japan-Hong Kong node connectivity rate is not high.

Mullvad VPN vs. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is better than Mullvad VPN in terms of device coverage, node quality, connection speed, transmission speed, etc. ExpressVPN has a large user base in China, while Mullvad VPN is still relatively unknown to Chinese users. Mullvad VPN can be used completely anonymously, while ExpressVPN still requires an email address to register, and some of its features rely on it.


What if I lose my account ID?

Go to the Accounts section of the client’s Settings panel for details, or to the Payment History for details.

Can’t connect?

Configure WireGuard Multi-Hop Mode or OpenVPN AutoPort Enabled Bridge in the Advanced page of the Client Configuration Panel to connect to US servers for a higher success rate.


Try switching servers, US servers are usually faster, and faster in WireGuard mode.

How to share Mullvad VPN?

After connecting to the Mullvad VPN, you can configure the SOCKS5 proxy it provides on other devices on the LAN. details.

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